Chapter 4 – Fridays

A glimmer of light sneaked through Yaya’s curtains, alerting the young girl that dawn broke across the skies and the night ended, allowing day to rule once more. No longer able to sleep, the girl got up from her comfortable, plush bed and she raised her arms high above her as she yawned quietly. Yaya flung her oversized sleeping shirt off to the side and waved a finger in the direction of her drawers containing her clean bras. The wooden drawer slid open, and a pastel pink bra floated over. A pink strap with lace ruffles looped itself on a slender index finger as she hummed her way over to the sink. Her arms slipped through the straps and her arms bent backwards as fingers brought the metal teeth to the catch, snapping the bra in place. The girl then lifted the underside of her breasts with the palm of her hand and side of her arm, sliding the underwire of the contraption over before she let gravity do as they wished with her flesh. Crystal-studded pins were pushed into her hair, pulling handful of bangs up and away from her face. Her hand twisted the hot water knob, allowing the faucet to dispense warm water into cupped hands. She splashed herself and washed her face with regiments made specifically from the certified derma-wizards at Apothecary. Continue reading

Chapter 3 – Paragons

The twinkle of the stars burned bright despite the gauzy thick veil of clouds. And the moon was the white beacon of protection for all those who feared the dark, the witness of lovers who could only meet when the sun set, and the perfect silent friend for those who basked best when no one could see the flaws brought to light so often during the day. Shivers trembled down her spine as the chills of a passing breeze brushed against the exposed, sensitive soft skin of her neck despite being covered in silk and leather from head to toe.

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Chapter 2 – A New School Year

Yaya couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but there was just something different about school. Placing a manicured nail on the flushing handle of the porcelain throne she had just been occupying, Yaya pushed down the silver handle. She immediately gripped the sides of her pulled down panties and slide them up her legs and over her hips, letting them snap into place as she patted her skirt, making sure it fell over her knees.

Yaya was a small girl – on the shorter side of the spectrum – often getting mistaken as a First Year when she was not wearing her robe or tie. Continue reading