Chapter 1 – All that is lost shall be found

At the forefront of the ballroom and underneath blinding lights, a lone conductor dressed in all black waved his long, conducting stick around as the strings of the violins, violas, and cellos were rubbed by floating bows. The one-man symphony then waved his free hand towards the lonesome double bass and harp, and soon the plucking of strings accompanied the sweet fast pace melody, adding more bounce and rhythm to the strings before the grand piano at the conductor’s side began pressing down on its own ivory keys. And now that the music for the dance number was set, the nobles, politicians, celebrities, and key players of the Gaul Empire entered the once bare dance floor with light, quick feet and enticing tongues. On the dance floor, conversations revolving the future of the Empire were intimate as deals, bargains, and considerations were lobbied with policymakers and the enforcers of the law. Continue reading